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CNA APPROVED COURSE (NAC#1046) This course will overview the culture in healthcare. Work on the steps to becoming culturally competent. We are a wonderfully, culturally diverse community. Learn about different cultures, hospital culture, and how you can help with better care and interaction with patients and co-workers.


CNA APPROVED COURSE (NAC#1046) This program will overview techniques and skills for communication with patients, co-workers, and families with an emphasis on Non-Verbal Communication.  Role play with communication techniques will be discussed.

CPR/BLS (Basic Life Support)

CNA APPROVED COURSE (NAC#1046) American Heart Association Course Guidelines Basic Life Support (BLS) is the foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest. This video-based, Instructor-led course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both in-facility and prehospital settings. This course is designed for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need …

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