This course is designed to help course participants succeed in obtaining the knowledge and skills needed for basic Critical Care Nursing.  A pathophysiology approach will be utilized to emphasize concepts for cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders.  Full sections on hemodynamic monitoring and ventilators will be included.  The program will also cover neurology, renal, and endocrine systems as well as case studies.  Requirements for Completion:  Homework, practice exam, attendance at all 6 sessions, and successful completion of the exam are required for the certificate.  Each student must have the current textbook and notebook as there are homework assignments that require these resources.

First Session Course Overview

Introduction to Critical Care, Legalities and Professional Organizations

Patient and Family Considerations, Nutritional Support, Lab Values, Blood Products, Hematological and Immune Disorders, Case Scenario.

Cardiovascular Session

Cardiovascular Structure and Function, Disorders of the Cardiovascular System, M.I., CHF, Hypertension, Hemodynamic Monitoring

IV, Code, Multisystem, GI Session

IV Drug Calculations, Code Blue, Rapid Response, Multisystem, Gastrointestinal System

Respiratory Session

Respiratory Structure and Function, Arterial Blood Gases, Ventilators

Systems and Chest Tube Session

Nervous System, Acute Renal Failure, Endocrine System, Chest Tubes

Last Session

Exam – 150 Questions, Code Management, and Rapid Response, Case Scenarios

Homework and practice exam are turned in on week 5.

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