10 minutes of Meditation

When you think of meditation you may envision someone sitting cross-legged in some yoga studio with flute music and incense burning. For others the thought of sitting still for 30 minutes, doing and thinking nothing sounds impossible. Well for everyone out there that has heard about all the health benefits of medication and has wanted to try it, today is your day.

Meditation can happen anywhere. In your car, in the breakroom at work, at home or even at Starbucks. Meditation doesn’t have to include music or closing your eyes. It doesn’t have to have a specific time frame to qualify as mediation. Wherever you are able to stop and take a breath, you can meditate.

It helps to have a focal point, like an item, (Picture, flower or piece of art) or a thought you can maintain. I often focus on my breath, only because it is something that is always with me.

10-minute Meditation

To begin my meditation I sit comfortably. If I am uncomfortable I know it will be a distraction and the discomfort will pull at my attention. Once I am comfortable I take a big inhale and I mean a long, slow inhale in my nose and a controlled slow exhale out my mouth. Its going to be obvious to your body that you are slowing it down. Maybe do this a few times, and this may be enough for you.

After my breaths, I like to do a head to toe assessment. Just see if there is pain, or tightness anywhere. This is as simple as asking yourself if the space you are currently in is hot or cold. You can feel things around you, you can feel things inside your body, just identify them, don’t diagnose.

Now one more set of breaths, focus on the way the air fills your lungs.

Adjust your posture, sit up tall, lengthen, bring your shoulders down away from your ears. Flex your feet.

One more round of breaths, and the sound that the breath makes when you exhale.

Now for a brief moment allow your mind to go blank. At this moment nothing is required of you. You are still and peaceful. You are Weightless.

One more round of breathing. Make the breaths longer then they have ever been.

Allow your focus to come back to your body again. Sit up tall, lengthen.

Take a big breath in and then take a huge releasing exhale out your mouth. A breath that someone could hear of they were sitting close enough.

Wiggle your toes, move your head side to side a few times.

Let your breathing come back to normal.

Now, complete a head to toe assessment. Does anything feel different?

End your meditation by choosing one thing you are thankful for today.

I hope that you enjoyed taking some time for yourself. Meditation can help decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep, control pain and my favorite generates kindness. Here is a great article on all the benefits of meditation. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/12-benefits-of-meditation

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